Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Welcome To My Nail bar clinic

Wow, if only I had one of these babies in real life! Haha that would be super great! Imagine owning your own nail bar or nail clinic as id call mine. That would be really great! Well guess what people thats what i want to do.

I would like to one day open one of these. So because of that reason i am starting this blog to not only share my experience and dreams of wanting to open that nail bar up, but to also just share some nails pictures, some nail ideas and beauty tips with you all. My speciality is acrylic nails and i love nail art. So expect to see a fair bit of info from regarding these topics.

I hope you enjoy this guys :) I know i will.

Thank you one and all!

P.S Im called Carrie Nailer say hi in the comments below please :)


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